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Bob Martus: Identity Launch

JUNE 2011

Brooklyn-based photographer Bob Martus' breadth of work spans portrait, still-life, landscape and product photography with a healthy dose of everything in between. His strong, honest imagery and definitive personal style (and humor) helped define a clean, utilitarian and occasionally flamboyant identity. These freshly printed business cards are meant to compliment Bob's new website, and look for a promotional piece set to ship this summer.

Materiel: Issue Two Launches

MAY 2011

An expansive collection of upcoming illustrators, designers, photographers and product designers - Materiel Issue Two welcomes itself back into your life. The (pink) broadside newsprint publication contains work from the lovely and talented Fogelson-Lubliner, Timothy Goodman, Bob Martus, The Free Associates, Ben Pieratt, Zissou, Scott Reinhard, Colin Matsui, David Iglesias, Forest, Jared Stone, SOFTlab, James P. Morse, Dan Blackman, Travis Stearns, Fablous, Kate Jones and of course Kyle. And myself. We hope you enjoy it, available for purchase online this May.

Materiel Issue Two

Van Horn: Identity & Signage

MAY 2011

Incredibly excited to announce not only the launch of Van Horn earlier this year, but (finally) the installation of the signage and an identity system throughout this soon-to-be Cobble Hill institution. Congratulations to Jacob and crew for pulling together an amazing brand and a truly successful southern dining experience.

Van Horn

ADC Young Guns Apple Talk: 'How To Stay Dry'

MAY 2011

Just when you thought you'd had enough of us, we'll show up at the Apple Store Soho and give you snacks and prizes. That's right. Joe Marianek, Associate Partner and a Designer at Pentagram and myself will be hosting an evening to remember, entitled "How To Stay Dry (While Getting Wet)." The ADC and Apple will be providing us an opportunity to discuss our work and process in front of a crowd of at least 6 to 10 people, maybe more. We'd love to see you there.

ADC Apple Talk

ADC 90th Awards: Times Magazine Nomination

APRIL 2011

The New York Times Magazine cover for the April 2010 edition of the publication has received the Merit award from the Art Directors Club. Kyle Poff and I are incredibly excited to be a part of this year's inductees and may even make it to the 'Gala.' Really, look for us there, Kyle will be the topless one on top of the bar. I'll be interviewing him.

ADC 90th Awards

Art Directors Club: Young Guns Interview

APRIL 2011

Though the vast majority of footage must have been horrific and mostly tangential rants. Somehow Erin Biggerstaff, Brady Fontenet and the ADC conspired to make me look half way decent on camera. I'd love to see the outtakes and have been assured that not only do they exist, but they'll be leaked to YouTube, at which point the positive feedback I've been getting to date will dog-leg twice to a complete reversal. Thanks to everyone that helped put this together, and of course, don't forget about Young Guns 9.

ADC Interview

September Industry: 'High Res' Feature

MARCH 2011

The lovely folks at September Industry, and David McComb in particular were kind enough to feature me on their industry-topping and always current blog. The projects range from several years old to brand new, and I'm embarrassed to say is all higher resolution than my own website. Take a peek if you have a chance, you'll notice that their featured contributors are quite star-studded and inspiring.

September Industry

New York Times Cover: Nominated by the SPD for 46th Annual Awards


Apparently the New York Times cover from April 2010 was recently nominated by the Society of Publication Designers for their 46th annual awards, we're a finalist for best 'Cover Design.' Full credit to Arem Duplessis and his team at the times for the collaboration with Kyle Poff and myself, it was a great process and they gave us solid direction and a lot of freedom, not always easy to balance. Even so we're up against some big players so we'll just have to cross our fingers and see how things play out. Check back soon to see what actually happens!


10 Answers: Rebecca Silver Interview


Rebecca Silver runs a series of interviews under her 10 Answers blog featuring a truly broad range of creatives (from typographers to toy makers and tattooists). She was kind enough to invite me to participate, and I was lucky enough to be featured directly after both Louise Fili and George Lois - a little hard to follow. I'm sure there's some great folks to come, so look for regular updates and check Rebecca out on twitter.

10 Answers

New York Times Op-Ed: China's Currency Isn't Our Problem


Mark Wu of Harvard Law School provides a compelling perspective on why Americans and the media should reconsider the potentially outsized significance of the Chinese Yen and its impact on the global economy. This Opinion-Editorial ran in the January 18th New York Times in print and online with this accompanying illustration.


Sagmeister: A bird's eye view


This January I began working with Stefan Sagmeister at his office in Chelsea. It has been a uniquely fantastic experience so far, both working with him, Jessica Walsh and a number of talented individuals at the studio. One of the seemingly intimidating novelties (which wears off on day two, honestly) is a 24/7 overhead webcam that streams a feed from the office while housing the website navigation. Some adoring friends were kind enough to point me out, directly in the middle and clearly loving it. Stop by anytime via the link below. Jessica Walsh

New York Times Op-Ed: Adding Fairness to the Tip


An Opinion-Editorial illustration for the December 14th New York Times. The article, entitled 'Adding Fairness to the Tip,' was written by Tim and Nina Zagat (of Zagat's acclaim) and focuses on the current legal 'food fight' between NYC's premiere restauranteurs and many of their waitstaff. A complex and outdated system of labor laws are dragging both sides down, to which the Zagats suggest a prescriptive menu for the City and State governments to (yes I'm going to use another food pun) digest.


Converse: Get Your 'Blank' Stuff Inked


Yes, you read that headline correctly. It happens to be the brand name of a recent Converse undertaking, on display at their new Broadway retail location (the first in the city). Tender helped produce the mark and many of the illustrations the 'maestros' are using to ink, silkscreen and stitch onto Converse apparel. I was involved in the direction but I believe it was Nelson who finally nailed that beautiful script and logomark seal. However, many props to David Iglesias, Melinda Reidenbach, Vanessa Saba, Maria Usbeck and Lisa Hedge, as well as all the Tenderloins for some excellent identity work.

Nelson Wallace Tender

Dedegumo: LES Retail Launch


Kyoto-inspired timepiece boutique, dedegumo, has just opened in the Lower East Side on Orchard street. The brain child of an enterprising group of East Coast entrepreneurs, the retail space houses a simple viewing area for watches and a full artisan workshop in the front section. The entire space was created by JPDA in Brooklyn, and provides a beautifully contemporary environment that pays homage to classic Japanese architectural materials and style. I worked closely with JPDA on the brand identity work, I highly recommend taking a peek if you find yourself in the LES.

dedegumo JPDA

Print Regional 2010: GoldenEye Featured


While working at Tender, we completed a refresh of the Chris Blackwell-owned, Ian Fleming-named estate of GoldenEye, in Jamaica. In conjunction with a video-based online experience, this book was created as a showcase of this beautifully varied resort and residence. The piece was published as a winner in Print Magazine's Regional Design Annual this year.

TENDER Print Regional

Art Directors Club: Young Guns 8


I was lucky enough to make the cut this year for the Art Directors Club Young Guns 8, a recognition given to 50 creatives under the age of 30. This year the Art Directors Club commissioned a redesign of the award 'cube,' and as you might be able to tell, its a limited edition version that had to be earned with some elbow grease and a hand saw. Take a peek at some of the other winners at the link below (some serious talent), and if you're curious the exhibition will be up at the ADC through most of October.

ADC YG8 Winners ADC Global Site

Gestalten's Turning Pages: Featured Work


A big beautiful book of current editorial design, 'Turning Pages' features a long list of internationally recognized publications and designers. Nice commentary and some fantastic process documentation, and with a release date in the US for October it might even make a nice Christmas present. Materiel makes an appearance, Kyle and I were excited to have such a prestigious publisher pick up some of our work.

Publication Information

Metropolis Magazine: Cover Illustration for October Issue


A cover design for the architectural publication Metropolis, out this October. The primary feature of the issue was a Green product guide from international designers and companies in fields as diverse as bio-engineering, transportation, food products, footwear and energy. Creative direction by veteran Metropolitan, Criswell Lappin.

Criswell Lappin

Maria's Community Bar & Packaged Goods: Launches in Chicago


A Chicago establishment located in Bridgeport, Maria's is a recently refurbished locale, having stood the test of time for almost 25 years in the Second City's southern neighborhood. The business was given a (minor) facelift to accommodate an extension from a family liquor store to a neighborhood cocktail lounge. I was more than happy to be a part of the refresh.

Maria's Community Bar & Packaged Goods

Communication Arts: Perspectives


A brief article for Communication Arts' Perspectives section of the website, provides a profile article dedicated to interviews and a questionnaire for designers and upcoming visual artists. The publication allowed for a quick, informational interview and response session, plus (exactly what you were hoping for) an amazing, timeless profile picture.

Communication Arts

Collaboration with Bob Martus: Matthieu K. Chardon, P.H.D.

JULY 2010

A collaborative experiment with up and coming Brooklyn-based photographer Bob Martus. As an active, New York-based talent, Bob provided the impetus and picture perfect execution for this personal branding project. Thanks also to Mr. Chardon himself, of course.

Bob Martus

AIGA 365 2010: Materiel Magazine Featured

MAY 2010

Materiel Magazine has been lucky enough to grace the AIGA 365 this year, many thanks again to all of the contributors. Look for the next issues to hit the stands the summer of 2010.

AIGA Selection

New York Times Magazine: Building A Green Economy

APRIL 2010

Arem Duplessis was kind enough to invite me and my associate Kyle Poff to create the cover design highlighting a fantastic article by columnist Paul Krugman. The interior featured some superb illustrations by a range of visual artists, check out Yuken Teruya. You can also read the piece at the link below.

The Article

Proximity Number Six Drops: Cover by Softlab NYC


Issue number six is on the street. SoftLAB's cover is a shot of their pAlice installation, a chipboard and reflective mylar creation made of 2400 lasercut triangles and 3600 custom connections. The team is Michael Szivos, Jose Gonzalez, Brandt Graves and Carrie McKnelly. Photography courtesy Alan R Tansey of Taglab.


Print Regional Design Annual: Four Winning Entries


A healthy number of winners in Print Magazine's New York Region for 'RDA 2009.' Two showings for Proximity, one for Materiel, and a final for Glass Shop's promotional mailers/posters. None of it would've been possible without the Proximity and Materiel collaborators.

Visit Proximity

Communication Arts 50: Proximity and Materiel Featured


Lovely to see these publications in the Communication Arts Design Annual 50. Again, both were products of everyone that contributed. Special thanks to Kyle for the co-art directorship of Materiel, and the Post Family & Matt Siber on Proximity.

Kyle Poff Post Family

AIGA 365: Proximity Issue Two Featured


Proximity Issue Two was selected for the AIGA 365 this year, with the award-winning cover shot by photographer Daniel Everett.

AIGA Design Archives

Several Publications Released


Los Logos 4, Boxed & Labelled, and Box Bottle Bag all have some nice things to say about a few recent projects. Azita's packaging graces the packaging pieces, while there's about half a dozen Los Logos marks from CRU to Tone and the USAAR.

Materiel Drops


Soon to be household name (hopefully), Glass Shop has opened at 69 West Delancey in Crown Heights Brooklyn. The coffee shop is run by Francesco, and is the brainchild of his and local cocktail loungess, Kathryn Weatherup. I may be biased, but the coffee is delicious, there will be small food items available shortly, and the space itself has a great warmth to it thanks to the group's use of reclaimed woods and metals.

Visit Glass Shop

Glass Shop Launches in Crown Heights, Brooklyn


Soon to be household name, Glass Shop has opened at 66 West Classon Avenue in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. The coffee shop is run by Francesco Agostino, and is the brainchild of his and local cocktail loungess, Kathryn Weatherup. I may be completely biased, but the coffee is delicious, there will be small food items available shortly, and the space itself feels incredibly warm thanks to the owners' use of reclaimed material.

Visit Glass Shop

Print Regional 2008

JULY 2008

A healthy number of winners in Print Magazine's New York Region for 'RDA 2009.' Two showings for Proximity, one for Materiel, and a final for Glass Shop's promotional mailers/posters. None of it would've been possible without the Proximity and Materiel collaborators.

Visit Proximity

New Visual Artist Award: Print Magazine

JUNE 2008

A healthy number of winners in Print Magazine's New York Region for RDA 2009. Two showings for Proximity, one for Materiel, and a final for Glass Shop's promotional mailers/posters. None of it would've been possible without the Proximity and Materiel collaborators.

Award Site

Azita's in AIGA Select (Chicago)

MAY 2008

Azita's Almost-All-American Hot Sauce was featured in the AIGA Select 2008, Chicago Chapter publication. God love that hot sauce.